4 Things to Know about Our Upcoming Weather

There are 4 things to know about our upcoming weather to ensure you’re prepared.  They are…

1) Coldest air in months arrives Thursday.

It’s been well advertised in the computer models for several days now, and they’re not backing off.  The coldest blast of Canadian air we’ve experienced since last February will push into the area on Thursday.  As it does so, a northwest wind will get established, making it feel even colder.  Check out the expected wind chill on Thursday….

2) A few flurries, but no accumulation…

You may hear from a friend or family member…or even your iphone that it’s going to SNOW!  My neighbor said this to me the other day: “I have to get those landscaper guys to come back and pull out these bushes today.  It’s going to snow on Thursday!!”  I asked….”Who in the world are you getting your weather from?!?!”

Sure…the cold air sliding in will help to squeeze out a few flurries on Thursday or even late tomorrow night.  It won’t stick though….and few of us will actually see any.  Here’s how the latest FUTURECAST is showing how it will all play out.

It won’t turn out exactly this way.  It will go SOMETHING like this though….with the system having very little moisture and lift to work with to generate snow.

3) Pets need extra care Thursday through Saturday!

This one is critical!  With the very cold air coming, your pets can’t sleep outdoors Thursday night or Friday night.  It’ll be far too dangerous, with lows by Friday and Saturday morning mainly in the teens.  SO…please ensure they have a nice warm place to sleep INDOORS.  ALSO, it’s a good idea to periodically check on their bowl of water outside if they have one there for the daytime.  It’ll likely freeze a couple of times as we head toward and into the weekend.

4) Rain returns Sunday.

It seems like every few days another storm comes through to give us some much needed rain.  After a few-day break, more looks to return on Sunday.  Right now it just looks like a light/nuisance type system, but even a little rain can impact outdoor activities, like a Titans game!

Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News at 10pm, we’ll talk more about Sunday’s rain possibility.  We’ll also have additional information on this upcoming taste of January!


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