More Rain & then ARCTIC AIR

After a couple of dry and pretty days, more rain is approaching Middle Tennessee.  Take a look this morning at the showers lining up to our south.


Clouds are filling in quickly, too…


Here’s a look out the window across many of our communities:

Steering winds will keep the clouds on the increase today.  They’ll also send that rain closer to us.  One thing’s in place to slow it down however — dry air.  Dew points are currently in the 30s.  SO….it’ll take a while for rain to reach the ground when it first moves in.

Temperatures as of 7:45am are in the 30s, for the most part too.  It’s a little milder over southwestern Middle Tennessee where clouds are thicker.


With cool weather in place, temperatures will be perfect to put you in the mood for Christmas parades!  There are several across the Mid State.  Here are their forecasts.  Nashville’s rolls at 9am.




Snowbird will be in Nashville’s.  Then, he’ll drive to Lewisburg to roll in that one.  He’ll cap off the day atop a float in the parade in Lynnville.  Lynnville’s is the only I see as having a good chance of rain.

FUTURECAST shows how the rain will develop throughout the day.


Tonight, showers will attempt to move into Nashville by 7pm or so. That onset time isn’t etched in stone.  It’s just the most likely scenario.  It ultimately depends on how long it takes to moisten up the lower atmosphere as rain begins to fall.

We should dry out Sunday night into early Monday, before rain returns late Monday into Tuesday.  Some thundershowers are possible Monday night, especially over southern Middle Tennessee.  With that rain system and the weekend one (affecting tonight and tomorrow) combined, southern portions of the Mid State could pick up another two inches of rain!  I-40 and points north could receive 1/2″ to an inch.  We’ll take it.  We’ll like need rain for months to come.

The big story late this coming week will be the arrival of Arctic air!  Highs Thursday and Friday will only be in the 30s.  Lows on Friday will be in the teens!  Behind the Arctic front (likely early Thursday) a few rain showers could conceivably turn to snow showers before exiting!

For more on your forecast, be sure to tune in to Channel 4 News Today, from 8:30-9:30am.  Daphne DeLoren will also have an update tonight on Channel 4 News at 5pm.


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