Sunshine and Rain dances Both Pay Off!

I think we were all ready for some sunshine and boy did Mother Nature bring it today.  I’ve been eyeing our live cams all morning, stepped out for lunch and have yet to find a single cloud in Nashville. Just beautiful.


The sunshine comes at the cost of noticeably cooler temperatures, in the upper 40s to lower 50s (3:31 pm as I type here) which is in the ball park of where we should be according to early December standards. It’s all associated with a strong passing cold front, the same one that brought all the rain and severe storms Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.wsmv-dma-temps-zoom1_effectsquiggle-autoplot

Dry and pleasant conditions carry on into tonight but you’ll need to grab a warm jacket if you’re heading out. Low 40s knock on the door by 7 pm, dropping quickly into the upper 30s before midnight. Overnight lows will drop near freezing, in the lower 30s.


You have through Friday and some of Saturday to soak up this delightful stretch of sunshine. Increasing clouds on Saturday leads to our next chance for rain Saturday night into Sunday. A secondary system pushes through on Monday and this system has a better chance of strong to potentially severe storms. Now would be a great time to download our free ‘WSMV WX’ app, to stay weather-aware and you can even track the storms right their on our radar. If severe weather does develop, our app allows you to watch live team coverage. Very handy!


Upcoming rain is a good thing! The rain we received this week helped with our drought but we still have a way to go. Nashville currently sits at a 7.22″ deficit for the year.

Here’s a look ahead and what I’ll be going into depth with coming up on channel 4 at 4 and 4:30 today.


Be sure to join Chief Meteorologist Lisa Spencer at 5, 6 and 10pm. I’ll be back bright and early tomorrow morning with updates starting at 4 am. have a great night!

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