Tornadoes Strike Middle Tennessee

Two tornadoes touched down in Middle Tennessee last night — both in Coffee County.  The National Weather Service in Nashville performed a storm survey today.  These are their findings…

The first developed just east of the Moore County line, about two miles west of Tullahoma, at 9:05pm.  It remained on the ground for 10 minutes, reaching a maximum width of 300 yards.  Hundreds of trees were blown down or snapped around the Lakewood Golf and Country Club and Lake Tullahoma Estates neighborhood.  Peak winds were estimated to be at 105mph, making this an EF1 tornado.

The second tornado developed from the same supercell thunderstorm just 15 minutes later, as the storm approached Manchester.  At 9:24pm, it touched down about a mile and a half southeast of town.  It tracked across Manchester, and lifted five minutes later about four miles northeast of the city.  Dozens of trees were snapped or uprooted.  A log cabin home was lifted off its foundation and moved eight feet!  Several barns and outbuildings took significant damage.  This was also an EF1, with maximum winds at 105mph.


Sam Crimm (@samcrimm), a local aerial photographer, flew as the weather cleared this afternoon and snapped these photos…



One person reported sustaining a minor injury when their car was struck by a falling tree.

For the rest of us, we just dealt with very heavy rain.  Take a look at Doppler radar rainfall estimates for the 24hour period ending this afternoon:


The greatest amount of rain fell where they needed it the most….over southeastern and eastern Middle Tennessee.

Now that the weather has cleared, we can look forward to sunshine and much cooler weather for the next couple of days!  That means conditions will be perfect for Snowbird to roll in the Hohenwald Christmas Parade tomorrow night.  If you’ll be out there, be sure to say hello!


Rain will return to our area this weekend.  I’ll share my latest thoughts on that tonight, on Channel 4 News at 10pm.


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