Severe Storms Hammer Middle Tennessee

Severe thunderstorms hammered Middle TN last night and very early this morning — mainly impacting areas south of I-40 and and east of I-65. Powerful winds were strong enough to down numerous trees, power lines and even a part of a McDonald’s roof top! We now wait for crews from the National Weather Service to survey the damage, but there’s a good chance that even a couple tornadoes touched down, potentially in Coffee, Giles and Cumberland counties (updates to come).

All watches and warnings have now expired and most of the region has cleared the rain. Some heavy pockets continue (7:52 am) marching across eastern Middle TN, getting the tail end of the rain. They’ll continue tracking east and our of our hair within the morning.


The best part? Much needed rain! Rainfall totals as high as four inches for areas east of I-65! Nice. With  our latest drought situation, we really needed it. Areas north and west could have used more but hey, any little bit helps and our next approaching system will make up.


Clouds are thick and gray now but not for long! Expect decreasing clouds throughout the day and mainly clear skies as soon as tonight. video-tvi

Temperatures are running mild in the low 50 to low 60-degree range (average is 35 degrees) and we’ll be warming up into the lower 60s for a high today. Not bad for the last day in November.wsmv-dma-temps-zoom1_effectsquiggle-autoplot

If you’re going to be outside today, you’ll notice increasing winds especially by the afternoon, gusting up to 20 mph at times.


Last nights severe weather event was a perfect scenario of when our ‘WSMV WX’ app becomes handy. Live team coverage and severe thunderstorm/tornado warnings are just a couple to name a few. Another plus? It is FREE!


Cooler sunshine takes over through Friday before our next chance for showers and thunderstorms arrive late on Saturday through early next week.wsmv-7-day-am

Meteorologist Paul Heggen will be with you on channel 4 with updates coming up at noon.

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