Holiday Travel Increasingly Tricky

Clouds are moving in on this Tuesday — two days before Thanksgiving!  It’s hard to imagine the holiday’s practically here.  The incredibly warm fall we’ve had is what’s allowed it to sneak up on us so suddenly!

If you’re heading out of town tonight, you’ll be in good shape.  Outside of an isolated sprinkle or two showing up over southern Kentucky right now on 4WARN Live Doppler, we are high and dry.


Clouds are moving in though…


Here’s a look from above:


If you’re flying out this evening, notice airport delays are very isolated across the country.  A green colored airplane (below) means delay-free.  A red one means you should be ready to wait!



New York City’s delay isn’t weather related.  It’s beautiful there right now.  Here are a few more cities:


The delay in Minneapolis is due to snow that’s just moved in.


Come tomorrow, things should change some in that department.  The storm developing now over the Plains will slide eastward, spilling rain into the Tennessee, Mississippi, and Ohio River Valleys.


If you’re driving out of town tomorrow, here’s the latest on your travel outlook.  Rain will be reaching the Tennessee River by dawn and keep moving eastward.  SO…if you’re driving eastward and leave early in the morning, your trip should be smooth sailing.  If you take your time getting out of town (e.g. you keep hitting snooze or wait til mid morning to pack) OR if you’re heading westward or northward, expect some rain and therefore “so-so” driving conditions.


On Thanksgiving, this wet weather will move out making for nice traveling weather again.  We’ll talk more about that, cover Black Friday, and shed light on another rain system expected for the end of the holiday weekend today on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm.



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