Nashville’s First FREEZE & Thanksgiving Week

Nashville had its first freeze of the fall season this morning, dipping to 32 degrees at 6:53am.  That means we missed the season’s “latest first freeze” record by one week.  The latest first freeze in Nashville happened on November 27, 1902 and 2009.  Most other areas are starting this Sunday even colder (than Nashville)…


At least the wind is light and it’s sunny.  Here’s a look outdoors in many of your communities:


A sharp dip in the jet stream over the eastern United States will keep temperatures below average today…


Nashville will have a high of 51:


Most of the rest of the Mid State will remain cooler.  At least the wind will be lighter today — northwesterly, 5-10 mph.


Tonight, expect a hard freeze even in Nashville!  Don’t expect to hear about a Freeze Warning though.  The National Weather Service in Nashville is done issuing warnings and advisories for freezing weather for the season, since the majority of the area dropped to or below freezing today.


We do expect milder air to develop on Tuesday, with highs in the 60s!  Clouds will be increasing then.  Wednesday is when rain moves in.  That takes us to travel weather for Thanksgiving!


If you’re driving to Grandma’s on Wednesday, know that a rain system will be moving through.  If you want to avoid rain and can be picky in terms of your travel window, leave as early as possible if you’re heading east.  If you’ll be driving toward the west, the later you can start out, the better.

See the maps below.  The first is for Wednesday and the second is for Thanksgiving.  Wednesday’s assumes you’ll start driving early in the morning (since the storm will be moving toward the east).  Thanksgiving’s isn’t time dependent.



Once you get to where you’re going, you’ll be in good shape!  Here in Middle Tennessee, expect high temperatures to be in the 50s…and some good eats!!


Be sure to join Alan Frio and myself in moments on Channel 4 News Today!  We’ll track the slow today’s slow warm-up.  I’ll also tell you about another chance of rain in our forecast that could impact NEXT weekend.


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