Another Night to Bundle Up!

Clear skies lead to another bitter cold night ahead. With lows dropping down into the mid to upper 20s, a hard freeze and patchy frost is in the cards. Average low is 38 degrees for this time of year and we’ll be running about ten degrees below that.


Here’s where we sit at 6:08 PM — as cool as the lower 30s along the Cumberland Plateau. Ouch.


A friendly reminder to not forget any pets outdoors tonight and you’ll want to bundle the kiddos up with extra layers as you head out the door in the morning. It will be very cold!


High pressure brings sunshine and warmer conditions through Tuesday before our next approaching cold front pushes through. It will bring a few showers on Tuesday evening (20%) but the better chance will be on Wednesday (70%). Many folks will be on the roads traveling for Thanksgiving plans so be sure to plan ahead and keep the rain in mind. Here’s how your travel-cast is looking. Yellow areas: so-so and green: in the clear.


By Thursday, showers are out the door and it will be absolutely beautiful — just in time for the holiday. If you’re traveling on Thanksgiving, it does not matter where you are, you have the green light!


Expect plenty of sunshine and seasonably chilly temperatures, in the upper 50s.thanksgivingtable

I’ll have the full showers timeline and holiday travel forecast coming up on channel 4 tonight (likely around 11 PM or so, due to football delays).

In the mean time, here’s a sneak peak ahead…


Stay warm and have a wonderful night!

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