Wild Weather Changes…& Thanksgiving

What a last 48 hours of weather we’ve had!  We tied the high temperature record on Thursday by reaching 81 degrees.  Just yesterday, we missed the record by one, topping off at 79!  Now, this morning, we’re in the 30s and 40s, but it feels like the 20s and 30s.  Wow!

Here’s a look at 8am temperatures across the area:


With the wind, it feels even colder!  Take a look at the wind chill…


We FINALLY got some rain overnight, in advance of this colder air moving in.  While the rain is now gone, I’ve put together the rainfall estimates…


It shows that most of us picked up around a tenth of an inch or so….with some areas getting only a few one hundredths and others getting more than a quarter inch.  The heaviest rain fell over western Middle Tennessee.

Clouds are moving out rather quickly now, so it’s nice and bright in communities along and west of I-65.

Clouds are lingering over eastern Middle Tennessee though.

The clearing line is very obvious, half way between Nashville and Cookeville as of 8am…


Clouds will continue to move away, as strong northwesterly winds blow in chilly air.  Take a look at wind gusts in our area today.  Gusts in the 20s will be common…

The wind will settle down some this evening, but do expect at least a light breeze for the Vanderbilt/Ole Miss game.  Speaking of football…here are your college football forecasts:

With the wintry feel in the air, you might be thinking of the holidays.  Believe it or not, Springfield has its Christmas Parade today!  Snowbird’s going and will be riding along.  Expect a high in Robertson County right around 50.


Freezing weather is expected over the next two nights, as the wind settles down.  A FREEZE WARNING is in effect for the area, beginning at midnight tonight.


Notice how cold it’ll be tomorrow morning and Monday morning!

SO….if you have a crawl space and haven’t closed the events, today’s a perfect day to do that.  If you haven’t gotten out the kids’ winter coats for the season, there’s no time like the present!

We do see rain again, arriving just a few days from now.  I’ll share more on that and how it’ll impact Thanksgiving travel at 9am today, on Channel 4 News.  Daphne DeLoren will join you at 5pm tonight for an update as well.


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