Woah! After record warmth this week, the temperature department took a major nose dive behind a passing cold front today. The high in Nashville only hit 52 degrees…seven degrees below the seasonal average for this time in November. Here’s where we sit now (6:58 pm)…


Brr…upper 40s to lower 30s are in the midst of dropping very quickly. If you’re heading out for some football, be sure to bundle up! Low 40s kick start the game for Vanderbilt vs. Ole Miss.


Winds lighten up considerably and skies remain clear. This will aid in dropping overnight lows into the mid to upper 20-degree range. A FREEZE WARNING is in effect for areas under the PURPLE color from midnight through 9 AM Sunday.


Bright sunshine and unseasonably chilly conditions wrap up the weekend. Highs will run about ten degrees below average, in the upper 40s but not for long. A weekday warm up is in store. Middle 50s return by Monday before a ten degree dial up into the middle 60s by Tuesday.

Our next chance for showers and storms arrives with an approaching cold front Tuesday evening into Wednesday. We still REALLY need the rain so we’ll take every rain drop we can get! Here’s our latest numbers…


Over seven inches of a deficit for the year, over two inches for the month and a little over a tenth of an inch for today. Bring on the rain dances…

Image result for rain dances

I’ll have the full shower timeline, weekday warm up, and Thanksgiving forecast coming up on channel 4 at 10 tonight.


Be sure to catch Dan Thomas bright and early tomorrow at 5 AM for updates!

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One Response to A FREEZE WARNING Tonight

  1. Joan says:

    Big freeze here in Centerville. Temps were 28 degrees overnight.

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