Umbrellas and Warm Coats Come Out of the Closet

Hello, sunshine! Mother Nature spoils Middle Tennessee with another breath-taking day.


With lack of cloud cover, temperatures are climbing quickly, into the upper 70s and lower 80s — about twenty degrees above average. With a decent chance for record-breaking warmth for many today and tomorrow, it definitely feels more like summer!


The story changes and in the very near future. A strong surface cold front currently tracking into Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, continues pushes eastward — headed our way.


This is VERY good news for our latest drought situation (rain dances pay off). The ‘severe’ category has expanded to include all of Middle TN and southern Kentucky. The ‘extreme’ category has also expanded northward, to include Wayne, Lawrence, Giles, Lincoln, Moore, Franklin, Lewis, Maury and Marshall counties. It won’t take us out of the drought, but will definitely help. See below…


Let’s map out the timing with Futurecast…


Morning, lunch, and even the early evening commute…in the clear. The initial batch is expected to knock on the door right around dinner time, 6:30

They’ll continue jogging eastward into central Middle TN and Kentucky throughout the night, shifting I-65 west after midnight.


Most of the rain and storm activity diminishes very early on Saturday morning. Lingering moisture will keep cloud cover in place during the morning, with a decreasing pattern throughout the day. A significantly cooler, drier and sunny forecast arrives with high pressure moving in for the remainder of the weekend. You’ll notice very breezy conditions all weekend, out of the southwest up to 30 mph on Saturday and out of the northwest, up to 20 mph on Sunday.


Now is the perfect time to download our FREE app! You can track these showers and storms while your on the go — just open up our radar.


Here’s a look ahead and what I’ll be breaking down coming up on channel 4 at 4 and 4:30 today.


Be sure to catch Chief Meteorologist Lisa Spencer at 5, 6 and 10 tonight.

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