Temperatures Flip Flop and Rain is On the Way!

Just getting ready to type the first sentence of my weather blog here, to find this little fellow crawling on our camera lens. Looks like he’s enjoying the glory Mother Nature brings Nashville today. I don’t blame him!


Cloud-free skies on this Wednesday afternoon allows temperatures to sky rocket –as up, up and away into the upper 70s! Average is 60 degrees and Nashville is running sixteen degrees above that as I type here (3:09 pm).



No doubt, a quiet radar is beautiful to look at, especially for those out and about commuting on the roads. However, we REALLY need the rain! Every time I’ve checked in, the deficit continues to climb. Nashville is currently behind schedule for the year by 6.8,” for the month at 2.04″ and for today at 0.15.”


Here’s the good news — rain is on the way! A strong surface cold front is expected to push from west to east on Friday evening into Saturday. This will bring a decent amount of rain with it…not canceling out the drought by any means but definitely bringing some relief. Areas west of I-65 can expect a bit more in the rain department, around 0.75″ while areas east can expect less than that.

Let’s check in with  Futurecast for timing…


Friday AM to mid-afternoon is looking dry for all of Middle TN. By around evening commute time, showers and even a few thunderstorms march into western Middle Tennessee, working their way into Central Middle TN by around dinner time.dd-rpm-12km-evening2

I-65 east, it will be your turn around midnight into the overnight…while most are deep in sleep.


Besides an isolated shower or two for areas alongside the Cumberland Plateau, most shower activity diminishes by the early morning on Saturday, leaving behind delightful sunshine for the remainder of the weekend. With clear skies and a much cooler and drier air mass behind the passage of this cold front, you can expect a major cool down. We’re talking close to twenty degrees above average in the upper 70s/lower 80s on Friday to unseasonably cool lower 50s by Saturday and Sunday. That’s just the daytime high temperature. Upper 20s and lower 30s on Saturday and Sunday night will lead to the potential for a hard freeze. Stay tuned…


Meteorologist Dan Thomas will have updates on the expected rain and weekend cool down coming up on channel 4 at 4 and 4:30 pm today. Be sure to join Chief Meteorologist Lisa Spencer for any updates at 5, 6 and 10 tonight.

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