November 15: More Warmth Ahead, Daily Links


A few light showers scooted through the Midstate early this morning, but they didn’t amount to much more than a trace of rainfall.  In fact, the official recording site at BNA received zero rain, not even a tract.  We’re still well behind the average pace for both the month of November, and for the year as a whole:

We’ll see decreasing clouds the rest of the day, and temperatures will still warm up to the mid to upper 60s this afternoon — well above-average for mid-November!

Even warmer weather in store the next few days…highs Wednesday will reach the low 70s, then mid to upper 70s in store Thursday and Friday (close to record highs both days):

A better chance of heavier rain is on the way late Friday into Friday night.  The generally-more-accurate European model continues to be more optimistic, showing around a half-inch of rain for much of the Midstate Friday evening:
But the American GFS model says we’ll be lucky if we get more than a tenth of an inch:
Either way, it won’t be a drought-busting rain event, but we’ll take what we can get!

The weekend will be significantly cooler, and Monday morning could bring Nashville its first official freeze of autumn:
That wouldn’t set a record for “latest first freeze,” but by then we would be in record territory in a different regard…the temperature in Nashville hasn’t reached freezing since March 5, making today the 255th straight day of above-freezing temperatures:
With warm weather in store until the weekend, we would tie the record of 258 days on Friday, and set a new record on Saturday.  (Unless the temperatures drops to freezing before midnight Saturday night!)




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