Best Rain in Weeks in Store

The best rain some areas have received in weeks is in store.  Today just brought some sprinkles and very light showers.  However, Friday night will bring a longer, more steady period of rain (an hour or more in some areas) with embedded downpours!

This rain won’t come a moment too soon, either.  Take a look at how far below or above we are for rainfall for the year.  There actually ARE some parts of the Mid State that are sitting ABOVE average, as hard as they may be to imagine.


(NOTE:  The graphic above is courtesy of the website….

Notice from the legend at the right of the image above, the hot colors indicate where the drought is most significant.  Parts of Davidson County are more than 8″ below average (shown in orange). Wilson, Sumner, and Robertson counties along with a good chunk of southern and eastern Middle Tennessee are 12″-16″ below average.  Meanwhile, just south of Sherwood in Franklin County (far southeastern corner of our area), there’s a rainfall deficit of nearly 2 feet!

The rain system that’ll move through on Friday will be fueled in part by a nice influx of warm, more humid air from the south.  Take a look at our weather pattern for Wednesday and Thursday…


Friday also looks quite warm.  Then, the rain moves in.  The latest weather computer model data are in better agreement today regarding the onset of rain.  Both the American model (GFS) and European (ECMWF) show showers and likely some thunderstorms reaching our westernmost counties around dinnertime on Friday.  Rain will continue to spread eastward through the night, but weaken as it goes.

What does this mean for rainfall totals?  How about the cold to follow?  Will cold air linger into Thanksgiving?  We’ll address all those things this afternoon and this evening on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm.  We hope you join us!


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