4 Things to Know About Our Weather

There are 4 things to know about our weather over the next several days that will keep you ahead of the game.

1) An Air Quality Alert is in Effect.

An Air Quality Alert Code Orange is in effect until midnight for about a dozen counties in central Middle Tennessee.  What this means is that prolonged exposure to the air outdoors by sensitive groups is not recommended.  Those included in sensitive groups are people with breathing difficulties (e.g. asthma), the elderly, and small children.  What this doesn’t mean however is that people in those groups should completely avoid the outdoors.  In actuality, it’s fine to be outdoors, but in moderation. So, for children at daycare for example, outdoor play doesn’t need to be cancelled entirely.  Kids outdoors for an hour or two should be just fine.



2) Supermoon rises soon!

Don’t miss our last glimpse of the supermoon!  The moon is only truly “super” today.  Today is when it’s full and at perigee (its closest approach to Earth (slightly more than 221,000 miles away)).


The moon rises in the east at 5:15pm.  It’ll set around dawn tomorrow, but by then clouds should be moving in.  SO…take advantage of its great display this evening, when the sky is mainly clear.  It’s possible it’ll even look orangey in appearance as it rises due to the nearby wildfires!


3) Wildfires continue to rage.

Wildfires in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia are the primary reason for our air quality issues today.  They’ve loaded the lower atmosphere with smoke that was especially apparent yesterday and early this morning.  However, the wind is shifting here and at the site of the fires, pushing the smoke out of and away from Middle Tennessee.  Moving forward, this trend in improvement should continue.


4) We’re heating up!

After the first freeze of the season for so many of us this weekend, our temperatures are now beginning to do a “180”.  We see temperatures 15 to nearly 20 degrees above average coming soon!  By late week, the warmest air with this weather change will be in place over our area.

Rain is also in store as we transition to the weekend.  We’ll have the latest on that and more information on all of the above tonight, on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm.


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