Areas of Smoke, Patchy Frost & Latest on the Drought

If you were outside at any point today, you may have noticed hazy skies or a smokey smell in the air. This sparked big questions marks for many…


It’s all associated with on going fires across eastern Kentucky, eastern TN & western N.C. The smoke from the lower levels of the atmosphere travels into the upper levels and depending on the wind direction, it impacts different regions. Tennessee and North Carolina have seen the worst of it today. Visibility will likely be reduced overnight into the early morning tomorrow before improving through the day. Elderly, young children and anyone with respiratory problems should limit time outside.

Not only can you expect the smoke to stick around, but another round of patchy frost is on tap across the region. Overnight lows will drop into the upper 30s again tonight. This combined with light/calm winds and clear skies are the perfect ingredients for the development of  frost (patchy not widespread) when you wake up.


It’s only 8:04 pm as I type here and temperatures are chill-ay! Upper 30s to mid-40s are what you can expect if you’re just stepping out the door.


Upper 30s and blue skies will make for another lovely but very cold start to the day tomorrow. Though our commute will be headache and rain-free, this dry stretch is the last thing we need with our worsening drought situation…


A good chunk of Middle TN falls under the ‘severe’ category and southern counties are even worse, in the ‘severe’ category.

Latest deficits in Nashville:

  1. for the year has dropping to -6.38″
  2. for the month has dropped to -1.60″
  3. for today has dropped to -0.13″

Much needed rain is on the way but we’ll need to hang tight until the end of the week. A cold front will push through bringing showers and thunderstorms with it late Friday evening into Saturday and even a few lingering showers on Sunday. Temperatures leading up to the event will increasingly warm up each day of the week. Low to middle 70s through Friday will significantly drop into the upper 50s by Saturday before even cooler upper 40s by Sunday.

Here’s a peak at what I’ll be timing out coming up on channel 4 at 10:30 pm (likely later due to football delays)…


Be sure to join Meteorologist Paul Heggen for updates on morning frost and the latest on the smoke at 4 am.

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