FREEZE WATCH, BEST Supermoon in Decades, & Some Rain

With all the sunshine this morning, you might not think there’s much going on in our forecast, but there is!  First and foremost, the first freeze of the season will happen in many areas tonight.


A Freeze Watch has been posted for most of Middle Tennessee.  A Freeze Warning has been issued for Kentucky.


Essentially, what all that boils down to is that Kentucky will likely bottom out in the upper 20s.  Middle Tennessee will have lows around freezing, or very close to it.


Over southernmost Middle Tennessee, where freezing weather is not likely, there will still be a heavy frost by dawn.  SO…as noted in the graphic at the top of this blog, you’ll want to protect all sensitive plants you care about from damage.  I’d leave them protected at least past Monday morning and possibly past Tuesday morning.  Frost is very likely Monday morning.  It’ll be much more patchy on Tuesday morning, but still form in spots.  By Tuesday afternoon, we’ll be done with a frost/freeze threat until at least next weekend.

Let’s tell you about the supermoon now!  This should be super cool!!  A supermoon is either a full moon or new moon that coincides with the moon’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit (called the perigee).  The moon orbits the Earth every 29.5 days.  On Monday, we’ll have a supermoon that will be full.  ALSO…the it’ll be the closest the moon passes to Earth since 1948.  The moon won’t pass this close again until the year 2034!


Does the moon look larger when it passes closer to Earth?  Absolutely!  Check out the photo below which shows this difference, courtesy of C.B. Devgun in India, through the website.


If you want the best experience possible seeing this lunar spectacle, be sure to watch the moon when it first rises.  Because of an optical illusion, the moon (and sun for that matter) always appear larger when they’re close to the horizon.  The moon will be most spectacular  Monday night, when the moon rises at 5:15pm.  Tomorrow night will be nearly as impressive, as it crosses the horizon at 4:27pm (just before sunset).  This afternoon, moonrise is at 4:01pm.  It’ll be worth a look then or shortly thereafter, too.  As with the sun, the moon rises in the east.  If possible, give yourself an unobstructed view of the eastern horizon — the top of a hill is a great option, if you have one nearby.

Rain is in the forecast this Friday…and this looks to be our best chance in a while!  I’ll talk about that and have all your football forecasts coming up in just moments, on Channel 4 News Today beginning at 9am.


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