FREEZE WARNING in Full Swing Across Middle TN

After a glorious fall day,


Thanks for sharing, Patti!

our first Freeze Warning of the season is in full swing tonight. Mainly clear skies, light winds and temperatures in the upper 20s/lower 30s will lead to the development of widespread frost — in effect midnight through 8 am on Sunday.

dt-watch2If you have not done so, now would be the perfect time to bring in or cover any sensitive vegetation! It is now 8:22 pm and temperatures are already dropping very quickly — low 30s to upper 40s across the region. With a dip down into the upper 20 to lower 30-degree range, definitely a night to bundle up. Hot cup of hot cocoa can only help. 🙂


Once the sun rises at 6:22 am, you’ll notice bright blue skies and they’ll last all day. Daytime highs will be a touch warmer than today, in the mid-60 degree range. It will be picture-perfect for some football! Titans take on the Packers at Nissan stadium — kickoff will be at noon and temperatures will run in the lower 60s. You’ll need a jacket and sunglasses but no need for the rain gear.


Though we’ve been blessed with such gorgeous weather, the lack of rain has continued to worsen our drought situation. The severe category has stretch north and eastward, the moderate category covers the entire area and a few of our southern counties are dry enough to fit under an extreme drought. Nashville currently sits at a 6.13″ deficit for the year and 1.35″ deficit for the month.


Rain chances hold for a little while longer. Our next chance arrives with a frontal boundary on Thursday of next week. This will not take us out of the drought by any means, but it will definitely help!


I’ll have updates on the Freeze Warning and weekday warm up coming up on channel 4 at 10 tonight.

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