Showery Election Day 2016

Light rain showers continue to slide through on this #ElectionDay2016.  Here’s a look at the latest 4WARN Live Doppler image (as of 2:48pm)…


This is just “round one” of rain.  Tonight, additional showers will push in from the north — see the next batch chugging toward the Mid State from the Midwest?


If you’re about to head to the polls and you’re across southern Middle Tennessee, you’re in great shape!  Not only is there very little rain there.  There’s also some sunshine.  Giles, Lincoln, Moore, Franklin, and Grundy counties are all quite bright now:


This evening, that second batch of rain will move through from the north.  Here’s the latest timing with FUTURECAST.  It looks very reasonable to me, so I’d count on this (below) or a slight variation of this happening…

Once we get past midnight, the rain will weaken quickly and diminish in coverage.  In fact, southern Middle Tennessee should miss most of this second round of anticipated rain (shown in FUTURECAST above), too.

Temperatures right now are running in the 50s and 60s.  It’s coolest where rain has fallen today.


Until the polls close, expect temperatures to hold steady and then drop, as more light showers pass through.


Tomorrow, a different airmass moves in!  You’ll definitely feel the change!!  Be sure to tune in today to Channel 4 News beginning at 4pm for more detail on that, a look this weekend which looks chilly, and for comprehensive #ElectionDay coverage from all across Middle Tennessee and the nation.


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