Potential for WIDESPREAD FROST is in Sight

After a record setting warm autumn thus far, a strong cold front will pass through this Friday that has the potential to make for widespread frost across Middle Tennessee next Sunday morning.  Some communities will likely report the first freeze of the season then, too!


Since this event is a full week away, it’s much too early in the game to get fancy and start pinpointing low temperatures in specific areas.  However, that said, if the long range computer models verify with this scenario, it’s likely the Nashville International Airport will hold just above freezing, while some outlying spots of Davidson County and remaining counties dip to or below freezing.

In case you missed it in yesterday morning’s 4WARN Weather Blog, here’s a look at statistics on the first freeze in Nashville.  Notice that on average, it happens a week before now…


Outdoors this morning, it’s cool, but not cold.  Here’s a look at 7am temperatures.


We’re dealing with some clouds too.  That’ll be the case off and on all day as more moisture moves in from Arkansas.


Our next rain chance is very small and won’t arrive until Tuesday/Election Day, with even more cloudiness then.  I truly believe most areas will remain dry though.  SO…take your umbrella that day if it makes you feel better, but most of you won’t need it.


Coming up on Channel 4 News Today between 8am and 9am, I’ll cover the rest of the 7-day period.  Alan Frio will have a summary of the news from overnight as well.  We hope you join us!


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