Warm Jackets Out!

What a beautiful start to the weekend! I was out at Warner Park earlier, to find almost every parking spot taken. Everyone and their dog (literally) were out soaking up the sunshine. Pleasant conditions carry on at sunset time here (5:46 pm) — just a few clouds and comfortable mid to upper 60s.



With high pressure in control, showers are no where in sight. Just a few clouds, mainly west.


This is not helping our latest drought situation. The entire region is under a moderate drought with a good chunk of southern and eastern counties under the ‘severe’ category — even a small portion under the ‘extreme’ category. Nashville sits at a 5.28″ deficit for the year and 0.50″ deficit for the month.


Our next chance for a few spotty showers is not until Tuesday and Wednesday and this is not going to take us out of the drought by any means. I only have a 20% chance for rain each day. We’ll take every rain drop we can get!


Our second night to bundle up! Low 60s by 7 PM will tap into the mid-50 degree territory just before midnight. Overnight lows will run right around average for early November.

A few friendly reminders!

  1. Clocks go BACK one hour before going to sleep tonight.
  2. Be sure to vote on Tuesday!
  3. Friday is Veteran’s Day — a day to express gratitude to the hero’s of our country.

Here’s a peak at the next seven days ahead. Low to mid-70s through Tuesday drop into the upper 60 to lower 70s by Wednesday into Friday.


I’ll have updates coming up on channel 4 at 10 pm tonight! Hope you join!

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