Delay in Our First Freeze, Time Change, & More

It’s chilly outdoors this morning, but only a couple of spots got down close to freezing.  As of 8:35am, this is where temperatures stand…a little bit higher than this time last hour.


James in Springfield emailed me earlier, sharing he had some patchy frost in his yard.  There wasn’t much though.

Is this normal you wonder?  Shouldn’t we be having widespread frost on a routine basis by now?  How about a freeze?  When does that happen, typically.

Well….let’s shed some light.  It’s undeniable.  This autumn has been very unusual for weather.  We’ve broken several high temperature records and have come close on bunches of other days.  The mornings have also been rather mild in general, compared with the average.

If this were an average year in terms of weather, we’d have already had our first freeze.  Most of us in Nashville haven’t even had frost.   The average first freeze happens before Halloween in fact.  The earliest on record was more than a month ago.  The latest was around Thanksgiving.  It’s conceivable we’ll give that record a run for its money this year!  In fact don’t see any realistic shot at freezing weather anywhere in Middle Tennessee at least through this coming week.


Another big story this morning is the time change.  We gain an hour or sleep as we “fall back” tonight!  #CannotWait!


As you know this will make for a major shift in our sunrise and sunset times.  We’ll all be able to enjoy views like this a little earlier tomorrow (around 5:30am as opposed to 6:30am)…


The sun will rise officially tomorrow at 6:15am.

To compensate, sunset will ALSO be earlier.  In Nashville, it’ll happen at 4:45pm on Sunday.  Can you believe that?….and we were near 90 degrees for temperatures last week!

Don’t like the earlier sunset?  Head south and put yourself on the western side of a time zone.  That’s how to get the latest sunsets this time of year.  Take a look at the earliest sunsets of the year for a number of cities across the country.  Notice how Boston and Caribou (two northern cities near the eastern extent of their time zone) have super early sunsets, while Knoxville and Midland have much later times (being farther south and closer to the western side of their time zone).


We’ll kick off standard time tomorrow with more beautiful weather!  I’ll share more on that in moments on Channel 4 News Today, beginning at 9am.

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