Is It Really November?

Bam! We did it….again! Nashville hits 84° today, breaking our previous record of 83° set back in 1982.


4:22 pm and here’s where we sit — about twenty degrees ABOVE average according to early November standards. Phew. Upper 7os to lower 80s take over the map.


With high pressure in control, skies remain clear and the radar is smooth sailing in Middle Tennessee.


Outdoor plans are looking fantastic tonight! It will be warm in the upper 70s but Nashville remains rain-free.


Things remain quiet tonight but see the few misty showers towards the west?video-radar

It’s a bit of moisture ahead of an approaching cold front currently draped across northern Missouri into Oklahoma  extended south into Texas. dd-satrad3d-zooms

As the front continues tracking south and east, spotty showers will jog their way into Middle TN on Thursday, mainly during the afternoon to early evening. We’re not talking a ton of rain, but with a 4.91″ deficit for the year and still under an extreme drought for southern counties, we’ll take every rain drop we can get. I expect less than a tenth of an inch for areas that do catch a shower or two. wsmv-7-day-am

It took a bit of time but the light at the end of the temperature tunnel is here! Clouds and showers aid in dropping highs down into the upper 70s on Thursday before northerly winds kick in behind this front, dropping highs closer to average in the upper 60-degree range. Low 70s take over by Saturday into Tuesday of your next week.


A couple friendly reminders: we fall BACK one hour this weekend. Be sure to change your clocks before you go to sleep on Saturday night. Also be sure to vote on Tuesday!

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