Freaky Warm Across Middle Tennessee

We did it! Nashville clocked in at 86 for a high today, breaking the previous record of 83 degrees set back in 1950. Temperatures continue running mild tonight, anywhere between the low 60s and the upper 70s. They’ll drop into the upper 50s overnight, about twelve degrees warmer than the seasonal average.


Radar is looking beautiful and rain-free for those celebrating Halloween a little early. Not even one rain drop to point out.


Keep the tank tops and flip flops handy, these temperatures keep us company for awhile. Here’s how your Sunday shapes up — crystal blue skies and toasty lower 80s.


We still desperately need the rain! Areas under the red color have dropped into the ‘Extreme’ category on the drought monitor.


Unfortunately, the rain dances have not paid off as high pressure keeps the sunshine pumping through mid-week. A weak approaching cold front will bring our next chance of showers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday but it’s only a 20% chance. Most of the moisture will ring out before it reaches Middle Tennessee.

The candy-cast on Monday is a two thumbs up! Low 70s and clear skies are expected right around the time you collect your treats.


Here’s a peak at our dry and unseasonably warm stretch ahead. I’ll go more into depth with it on channel 4 at 10 tonight.7-day-pm

Meteorologist Dan Thomas will have updates coming up at 5 am tomorrow.

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