October 26: Dry and Warm, Daily Links


The month of October has been unseasonably warm to this point, and we have more of the same in store as we head through the last few days of the month.  So far, October temperatures are running more than 6 degrees above-average!  We haven’t been below 40 degrees in Nashville this month either, and it doesn’t look like we’ll drop into the 30s anytime soon.  Our average first freeze in Nashville is in late October, but obviously that’s not going to happen anytime soon either…in fact, the European forecast model’s extremely-long-range forecast indicates we won’t threaten 32° until the latter half of November — the record for Nashville’s latest first freeze is November 27.

Temperatures today will top out around 80° under partly cloudy skies:
Way above normal, but short of today’s record of 86°.

Increasing clouds this evening and tonight, with a slight chance of showers mostly along the TN/KY state line after midnight:
rpm-2a-thu rpm-4a-thu rpm-6a-thu
The cloud cover will keep temperatures very mild overnight — we’ll start off Thursday morning around 60°:

A few showers possible Thursday as well, but don’t count on any measurable rain in your neighborhood.  High temperatures Thursday will still make it up to the upper 70s:

After that, it’s back to around 80° Friday, then low to mid 80s through the weekend and into early next week…and still no rain:
Temperatures Saturday through Tuesday will be close to record territory:
Assuming the temperatures in the 7-day forecast are close to accurate (admittedly a big assumption, especially in the 5-6-7 day range), October 2016 will go into the record book as one of the five warmest on record in Nashville…maybe even in the top three.



A jumbo-sized batch of nerd-links today, including lots of weather stuff…


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