Dry Spell Carries On

A mood boosting sunrise to kick start our Tuesday morning — not a cloud in sight and colors are magnificent.



You’ll need to grab a jacket as you head out the door. Temperatures are running a touch cooler than yesterday, thanks to a weak cold front that pushed through. Cookeville and Tullahoma are hanging strong to the upper 30s. All others…low 40s to low 50s. Still, chilly.


You can break out the flip flips and tank tops by the end of the day. Temperatures warm up quickly into the upper 70s, about ten degrees above average for this time of year…


Our next chance for showers arrive with a weak approaching cold front on Wednesday evening into early Thursday. At only a 20% chance, most areas will dodge the rain which is not very helpful to our latest drought situation…


Nashville is at a 1.88″ defect for the month and 4.05″ defect for the year. Southern Middle Tennessee remains under the ‘moderate’ drought category and with dry days ahead, it can only get worse. Average high is 69 degrees and average low is 46 degrees. Highs and lows run about five to ten degrees warmer than that in the week ahead.


Meteorologist Dan Thomas will have an update on this dry spell coming up oin channel 4 at noon today.

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