Sky Show Tonight & Tracking Next Rainmaker

I hope you’ve been getting your fill of sunshine lately.  There’s definitely been no shortage of that.  Rain on the other hand?  We could use some.

Take a look at how bright it is outdoors this afternoon — just gorgeous!


Temperatures are soaring because of how bright it’s been.  We’re nudging and even topping 80 degrees in spots.


The only clouds nearby are over southern Middle Tennessee, as a weak system reaches from Texas out over Mississippi and Alabama.


Don’t expect any rain with that though.  Those clouds are cirrus.  They’re high and harmless.

With high pressure centered nearby, tonight will be perfect for looking up into the heavens and enjoying a great view of Venus, in the western sky, just after sunset.  Hands down, it’ll be the brightest object in the sky this evening.  This is the way it looked several nights ago when Deborah Nelson photographed it (courtesy:  See that bright dot?  That’s Venus!


Over the next several months, be sure to take advantage of clear evenings.  They’ll showcase a number of our planets, just after sunset.  See the handy animation below to learn where and when planets will be as the weeks and months pass.  It’s courtesy of & Larry Koehn.

Clouds and rain will briefly put a damper on sky watching later this week.  Wednesday night will offer up the best chance for some wet weather.  Coming up today on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm, we’ll have more on exactly what we’re expecting from that system…and will talk about when the showers will move out.


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