Gorgeous Stretch of Autumn Weather

A long stretch of lovely autumn weather is unfolding before our eyes.  Look at the pretty sky enjoyed by so many of you this morning, over Nashville!


…..in Clarksville,


….and in several other communities throughout the Mid State:

It’s cold enough for frost in spots, especially over eastern Middle Tennessee.  John Oliver, a Channel 4 viewer, took this photo from Belfast, in Marshall County (just outside of Lewisburg).


Across the rest of Middle Tennessee as of 7:31am…


I expect lots of sunshine today, just like yesterday, as a core of high pressure continues to slide by.  High pressure centers are associated with sinking air, so clouds have difficulty forming around them.


That means you’ll want to take your sunglasses to the Titans game if you’ll be spending your afternoon there, at Nissan Stadium.


The high this afternoon will top yesterday’s by 10 whole degrees, in part because of a strong southwesterly wind that will develop as the morning continues.  Winds today will run between 5 and 15 mph.


Pleasant, fall weather will continue for several days to come.  However, we could use a little rain.  While there’s some in the forecast for late Wednesday and/or Thursday, many of us will miss what falls.  The showers will be quite light and sparse in coverage.  The likelihood for wet weather in any one area will be just 20-30%.  SO….the developing drought will continue to intensify.



Coming up in just moments on Channel 4 News Today, at 8am, I’ll share more on our late week rain threat and will talk about what could cause that rain chance to go up.  We hope you tune in!


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