Sunshine’s Here to Stay….For a While

It’s sunny this morning, but has also been frosty in some areas.  This has been the coldest morning thus far this season!  Here’s the view out the window for some of you today.  We start with what Robyn saw this morning in Fredonia…


Thanks to Starry’s photo in Clarksville, we have a good look at the frost on the roofs there:


Randall in Coopertown made this for us.  COLD!!!


Other camera views look like this…

Temperatures bottomed out in the upper 30s for most areas.  Nashville’s low for the date was 42 degrees, unofficially.  This is where we stand now (as of 9:08am)…


A little more on the cold:  the chilly conditions weren’t just focused over OUR area.  Ocala, FL had a low in the upper 40s.  If you’re not familiar with where that is, it’s just west of Daytona!  That’s COLD for October, there.  Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Columbus, Mississippi both bottomed out in the 30s!  Meanwhile, central and southern Maine had a low in the 60s this morning.  These whacky temperatures are due to a highly amplified jet stream flow (lots of north-south swings)….as opposed to more of a west-to-east pattern.  See what I’m saying?


Expect full sunshine ALL day, which will kick our temperatures up about 20 degrees from where they stand now.  It won’t get too warm today though, just because the air about a mile above the ground is still quite chilly.  SO….as we’re being warmed from below (from the sun heating the ground), the atmosphere will compensate by cooling from above.


Today just might be the finest day for football we’ve had this fall.  Two of the three local games today are homecoming.

The Titans forecast looks equally good tomorrow.  It’ll just be warmer.  In fact, tomorrow will be a solid ten degrees warmer than today for all of us.


Rain is likely late Wednesday into Thursday.  Coming up today on Channel 4 News at 5pm, Daphne DeLoren will have more on that.


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