4 Things to Know About Our Weather

This week will be action-packed for weather drama.  There are 4 things to know, so you don’t get caught off guard.

1) Record heat is likely!

First and foremost, record heat is likely.  Temperatures outdoors now are nearing record territory already.


The record high for today is 86, set back in 2007.  It’s conceivable we’ll tie or beat that today…and then beat the record tomorrow, as well.


This is what our weather pattern will be like for several days to come…


2) Mornings will remain mild.

Mornings lately have been unseasonably mild.  Yesterday morning we bottomed out at 63.  Today, the low at Nashville International Airport was 62.  We expect lows for several more days to be in the 60s.  SO….it’s likely you and/or your kids won’t need a jacket much right through Thursday morning.

3) Rain will avoid the Mid State UNTIL Thursday.

Typically, October is a dry month.  This October is behaving as it normally does.  A cold front will bring the next chance of rain for Middle Tennessee…but that won’t be until Thursday.  Once that system moves out, dry conditions will take over again.  If you want rain, that’s a mixed bag of news.  If you don’t want it and have outdoors plans this weekend, you’ll be happy to know the wet weather won’t stay long.

Thursday’s system will likely bring some thunderstorms too.  SO…don’t be surprised if we encounter some heavy downpours for a time as the front pushes by.

4) Sharp cooldown for the end of the week.

Behind that front, temperatures will fall in a big way!  We’ll be talking about BELOW average chill by Friday….lingering into Saturday.


Coming up today on Channel 4 News, beginning at 4pm, we’ll have much more detail on all the changes our weather will undergo right through next weekend.


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