No Escape from the Heat!

Another weather score today! Crystal blue skies and unseasonably warm temperatures in the lower 80s.


Here’s a peak outside our Clarksville window — cloud-free and looking very good. In fact, not a single shower to point out across the entire

Temperatures are comfortably warm in the upper 70s to lower 80s as I write here (6:10 PM) and it will only drop down into the lower 60s by the time many leave the house for work and school tomorrow morning — about fifteen degrees above average in the lower 60-degree range.



Believe it or not, temperatures are only dialing up this week! Low 80s hopscotch into the upper 80s to potentially lower 90s through Wednesday. Just to give you an idea, average high is 72 degrees for this time in mid-October, Hot enough to potentially break records.

Not for long, though. An approaching cold front brings clouds, showers and even thunderstorms on Thursday into Friday. This is great news for those ready for fall to return. Lower 70s are in store on Thursday and even cooler upper 60s return by Friday into Saturday. Check it out…


Join me on channel 4 for the latest on the upcoming heat and shower timeline at 10 PM.

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