Busy Weekend & Changing Weather!

There’s a whole bunch going on in our area this weekend.  Meanwhile, changes in our weather will be happening!

This morning, some spots are foggy, some are cloudy, some are sunny, and some are rainy.  Talk about a mixed bag!

4WARN Live Doppler shows where the showers are — confined to southwestern Middle Tennessee.


I’ve been watching these for several hours now.  They haven’t moved much.  Today’s rain chance is 20% in general.  It’s a smidge higher over southwestern parts of the Mid State.

Clouds are most widespread over central and southwestern  Middle Tennessee as well.  Here’s the latest satellite view of the cloud cover…


Live cameras across Middle Tennessee show the 8am view many of you are seeing in person.  Here’s Clarksville.  Notice some fog lurking over the river.


Many other areas have no fog, but more clouds.

Temperatures are quite mild for mid October at 8am.  It’s not muggy, but you’ll be able to tell when you step outdoors that there is at least some noticeable moisture in the air.


That moisture is helping to make a little fog.  Most of that is confined to our western counties though…and western Tennessee (as of 8:08am).  The yellow, orange, and red colors show where fog is most widespread and dense (with visibilities of 1 mile or less).


The weather will gradually improve today, as a weak system in the upper atmosphere slides out of the Mid State at a snail’s pace…


That’ll make for very good weather for all the local college football games today.  The Titans game tomorrow fare similarly.

Coming up in just 10 minutes on Channel 4 News Today at 8:30am, I’ll be back on TV with Alan Frio.  I’ll have the forecast for several other things to do outdoors this weekend.  We’ll talk about a big warm-up in store for this week, as well.  I’ll also preview NEXT weekend which will be very different weatherwise.  Alan will have the latest news headlines from overnight as well.  We hope you tune in!


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