October 11: More Dry Weather, Daily Links


Overnight clouds kept temperatures mostly in the 50s to start the day, but those clouds didn’t produce any precipitation.  We’re getting to the point where we could really use some rain!  The latest update from the US Drought Monitor shows the southern and eastern parts of the Midstate under “abnormally dry” conditions, with the southeastern corner in moderate to severe drought:
The next update to that map (due out on Thursday) will likely show a significant expansion of the abnormally dry region.

The clouds are departing quickly this morning, and we’ll warm up to the upper 70s and low 80s this afternoon:

Without the clouds overhead tonight, Wednesday morning’s temperatures will be a little bit cooler:

Once again, we’ll warm up quickly — another day in the upper 70s and low 80s Wednesday:

A chance of showers moves in late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning.  The Futurecast models have differing thoughts about that rain chance…the RPM model dissolves the rain on the way in:
rpm-9p-wed rpm-12a-thu rpm-3a-thu rpm-6a-thu
The BAMS model is a little more impressive:
bams-9p-wed bams-12a-thu bams-3a-thu bams-6a-thu
The best chance of picking up anything more than a trace of rainfall will be to the northwest of Nashville.

Cooler temperatures Thursday, with highs in the low 70s. Another slight chance of showers Friday night into early Saturday morning, but once again don’t get your hopes up for any measurable rain.



Still some Matthew-related content this morning, but plenty of other nerdiness as well…


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One Response to October 11: More Dry Weather, Daily Links

  1. Fred says:

    September 2016 was the clearest month in Nashville in 6 years and clearest September in 11. Last month we had an unusual amount of clear sky conditions. Typically in Nashville August through October is the time when fair weather is prevalent, but this season it’s been a different story. July and most of August had been downright gloomy but then Ma’ Nature decided to treat us to the best weather in years. The last time we had a month of comparable clarity was October 2010, and the last time the month of September was clearer happened in 2005. The cloud cover for September 2016 totaled 99 out of maximum possible 300 (cloudiness is measured in oktas (eighths) or tenths (most commonly used in the US), with 0 meaning sky cover negligible or absent and 10 indicating completely overcast conditions). For comparison, the last month anywhere near that was November 2012 which measured at 128 and since then the clearest months until September 2016 were September of last year and June 2016 (tied at 146). Contrast that with the preceding August (180) and even cloudier July (196) and the huge difference is readily apparent. I don’t have the numerical values for October 2010 and September 2005, but the last month on record with the sky cover less than 100 was June 1988 which totaled 93 (incidentally that year was probably the least cloudy year in Nashville since the official measurements began). It looks like fine weather will continue for most of October, so enjoy while it lasts!

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