More Fabulous Weather & The Latest on Matthew

It’s a chilly one out there (as of 7:30am, on this Sunday).  This will likely be the coolest morning for many locations in our area so far this season.  The Upper Cumberland Regional Airport in White County and Cookeville both had temperatures in the 30s for a time earlier today.  Here’s a look at current readings.


Full sunshine dominates the ENTIRE Mid State…in contrast to yesterday at this time (when we had clouds over eastern Middle Tennessee).

As Matthew pushes out to sea, we’ll still have a breeze today, but it’ll be lighter than yesterday.  Highs will be in the 70s in most areas.  As you might expect, it’ll be even cooler over the higher elevations of the Plateau.



Speaking of Matthew, Matthew is no longer a hurricane, but it still has hurricane force winds!  It’s now called “Post Tropical Cyclone Matthew”.


All that means is that now, the storm is not feeding off the warmth of the ocean to sustain itself.  It’s beginning to feed off horizontal temperature differences in our atmosphere.  What I mean by that is now it’s associated with a cold front, seen in the picture below.  Ahead of the front, it’s warmer than behind the front.  This is helping fuel the storm.


The large scale storm systems we deal with in Tennessee are always associated with fronts (unless a dissipating tropical storm or hurricane comes our way), and usually ends with a cooldown behind passage of a cold front.

Regardless, Matthew is still a dangerous, damaging storm.  Maximum sustained winds are still at 75 mph.  Take a look at peak wind gusts since midnight.  While the rain has pretty well ended over coastal North Carolina, strong wind remains!


Notice that Matthew will make steady progress out to sea over the next few days.


However, we’re going to have to watch Tropical Storm Nicole, just north of the Caribbean Sea.  Nicole could strengthen to hurricane status and strike Bermuda later this week.


Coming up in just moments on Channel 4 News Today at 8am, we’ll have more on Matthew and Nicole, including a report on damage cleanup over Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas.  We’ll also talk much more about our expected weather for this week.



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