Weekend Cool Down, Plus Hurricane Mathew Update

While Hurricane Matthew continues barreling the east coast of Florida, Middle Tennessee wakes up to quite the opposite picture — not a single cloud to point out — an award-winning sunrise. Always nice to take a minute and soak it in so here’s a screen grab if you missed it. 🙂


Our morning commute is shower and headache free with temperatures running a few degrees above average, in the middle to upper 50-degree range for most.


High pressure keeps the sunshine pumping today and also brings our last day of unseasonably warm temperatures in upper 80s. Here’s how the day shapes up…

daphne DAY PLANNER Full - AM.png

A cold front currently draped across Missouri, Oklahoma and northern Texas continues tracking eastward into Saturday. As it approaches Middle Tennessee instability weakens significantly. So….what can you expect out of it? The best attributes of a cold front…minus the rain. We’ll take it!


Seasonably cooler and drier air works its way in, paving way for a beautiful weekend! If you’ve been antsy to have lunch out on the patio or go for a run in the park, the weather is looking fantastic for it. Here’s a peak ahead…


Middle and upper 70s stick around through Monday before slightly warmer air in the lower 80s arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday. The only impact Middle Tennessee can expect from Hurricane Matthew, will be increasing northerly winds on Saturday, up to 25 mph. As far as rain chances? Very slim! Our first chance for a few spotty rain showers hold off until Thursday. No need to save the plans for a sunny day…because each day will have plenty of it!

Now back to the main weather story across the nation. With maximum sustained winds of 120 mph, Hurricane Matthew is a major category 3 hurricane, moving north-northwest at 13 mph — currently riding along the east coast of Florida.


Mathew tracked just far enough north of South Florida last night, sparing Palm Beach County south from this deadly hurricane. Other areas, not so lucky.


We’ve been eyeing live cams and staying close in touch with reporters covering the storm in Daytona, Florida all morning — one of the hardest hit areas as I type here (8:32 AM). Storm surge flooding and beach erosion damage will be likely through today and tonight. Numerous flood warnings have already been issued. As Matthew continues sliding northwest parallel to the shoreline throughout today, Georgia and the Carolina’s will be next in line tonight into the weekend. Hurricane Warnings continue being issued for areas along the coast.

I’ll have an update coming up on channel 4 at noon today.

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