Peace in Tennessee, Update on Hurricane Mathew

While Hurricane Mathew continues strengthening in the tropics, peaceful sunshine takes over the mid-state. Here’s a peak out of the window in Clarksville…


Cloud-free and hot! 2:34 PM as I write here…


Dew points in the middle 50 to lower 60 degree range for most, keep humidity nice and comfortable.


With high pressure dominating our weather pattern, the forecast is on cruise control through Friday — unseasonably warm in the upper 80s, comfortable humidity, and delightful sunshine. A weak cold front brings a very slight chances for spotty rain showers on Saturday but the main impact will be….the return of fall! Ding ding ding. Highs return back to average in the middle 70s on Saturday before lower 70s knock on the door by Sunday. Here’s a peak ahead…


Now back to the tropics! With maximum sustained winds at 120 mph, Hurricane Mathew is currently a category 3 hurricane, centered just north of eastern Cuba. Land interaction over the Caribbean weakened the storm from a category 4 to now a category 3 but now treading over warm waters, Mathew is in the midst of strengthening back into a major category 4 hurricane — within the next 24 hours.


Mathew takes a turn more westward, headed directly towards the eastern coast of Florida.


Hurricane watches and warnings have been issued for the Bahamas, Atlantic coast and southern tip of Florida. Areas under the PINK color are under a HURRICANE WARNING. Areas under the ORANGE color are under a HURRICANE WATCH.

Florida is expected to get initial impacts as soon as Thursday afternoon. Destructive winds, storm surge and torrential rain are all likely.


As Mathew continues tracking north, Georgia and the Carolina’s are next in line, with the main impacts over the weekend.

If you have friends and family in any areas of impact, it is never too early to evacuate. Prayers continue.

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2 Responses to Peace in Tennessee, Update on Hurricane Mathew

  1. David Spence says:

    what will happen if Matthew and Nicole marry up?

    • paulheggen33 says:

      Won’t happen — two tropical systems in close proximity to each other sort of “dance” around each other. It’s something called the Fujiwara effect.

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