Welcome Back, Middle 80s!

Mother Nature has been very kind to Middle Tennessee this weekend! Middle 70s and rain-free conditions had many soaking up the outdoors today. I was out at Centenniel park earlier this afternoon in support of CureSearch for Children’s Cancer walk and the weather could not have been more perfect. Many runners, dog walkers, picnics, and ball throwing. Perfect for a Sunday fun day!


Clouds have been stubborn for majority of the weekend and continue hanging around but not a lot of action with them…in fact, not a single shower to point out tonight.


Radar is smooth sailing and a beautiful sunset is the cherry on top.


Here’s a peak out the window from Clarksville — pinks, purples, oranges.


Just when we thought fall was here for good, temperatures take a U-turn going into the week ahead. High pressure builds in and warms things up — back into the lower 80s as a starter on Monday.


It does not stop there. Middle 80s return on Tuesday, Wednesday and even Thursday. That’s ten degrees above average for this time in early October.

The fall spirit returns very quickly, though. An approaching cold front brings our next chance for scattered showers and storms by Friday and Saturday which is great news for those antsy for the cooler air! Highs will only touch the lower 70s both on Saturday and on Sunday. Not bad. Check it out…


While things are peaceful here, Hurricane Mathew continues brewing as a major hurricane in the tropics.


Moving northwest at 5 mph with 145 mile per hour sustained winds, Mathew is currently a category 4 hurricane — expected to make landfall in Jamaica and Haiti Monday overnight into Tuesday before hitting eastern Cuba on Tuesday afternoon as a category 3 hurricane.dt-tropical-forecast-move

Potential U.S. impacts are still a bit uncertain. A lot can change. There are several key factors that will determine this, including the speed of an approaching cold front currently over the western part of the country. As always we’ll keep you posted in the 4WARN weather center.

I’ll have the full timeline of this weekday warm up and Hurricane Mathew coming up at 10 PM (or a bit later due to football delays).

Make it a great week!

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