Big Warm-Up & an Update on Hurricane Matthew!

Clouds are large and in charge this morning across the Mid State for most of you.  Take a look out the window…

Roads are clear in most spots.  There’s certainly no rain.


However, fog is making for travel tricky in a few locations.  Be especially careful over the next hour near/in valleys.  Carthage is one of those spots with a visibility issue right now.


Temperatures are running a few notches higher than this time yesterday, too…


Concerned about rain today?  Don’t be.  Outside of a sprinkle (mainly over southern KY or northeastern Middle TN), we’ll have a dry Sunday.  FUTURECAST shows that nicely.


As we head into the new work week, the big story will be building heat.  By Tuesday, many of you will likely be thinking “I thought we were done with this heat!?!”  We won’t have 90s, but it will be quite warm, in the 80s.  Rain should avoid the Mid State this week, as well…until week’s end.

Now to Hurricane Matthew.  Matthew has made a sharp turn toward the northwest in the last 24 hours.  Its strength is similar to this time yesterday.  It’s still a very strong category 4 storm, with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph.


The storm’s wind field is very compact.  That’s the reason you see a 40 mph wind report from the buoy that’s right near the storm’s center.  SO….it’ll likely have to make a direct landfall to do tremendous wind damage anywhere.

Here’s the latest track from the National Hurricane Center.  Notice how as we get into late this week, the cone fans out significantly, as the uncertainty with Matthew’s path that far down the road increases.



Notice the computer models from overnight too.  I’ve added on the air pressure plot for the American/GFS model that came in around midnight.  It takes it right into the Carolinas….and then eventually up into New England. Just look for the most tightly packed concentric circles to find where that model predicts the center of Matthew will go…



There are a number of factors that will affect Matthew’s path.  We’ll talk about them and have much more on your forecast for this week coming up in just moments, on Channel 4 News Today, at 8am.


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