Tennessee Warm Up and Hurricane Mathew Update

After a delightful day, the weather still looks fantastic out there. Middle Tennessee is rain-free and temperatures are nice and comfy, in the low 60 to low 70-degree range. Paris is the outlier, checking in at 57 degrees…wsmv-dma-temps-zoom1_effectsquiggle-autoplot

Clouds have been stubborn for many today and it’s all thanks to lingering moisture from a departing upper level system, currently centered over Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. Cooler than average temperatures were a result of the clouds. Nashville hit 73 degrees for a daytime high, which is four degrees cooler than where we should be according to early October standards. The system continues tracking northward, away from Middle Tennessee which is great news for a beautiful rain-free finish to the weekend!

dd-satrad3d-zoomsEnough lingering moisture combines with light winds, leading to the development of patchy fog overnight, especially for areas north of the I-40 corridor. If you plan on being out and about during the early morning, allow a little extra time to get to your destination. Reminder if you do catch a bank of fog — have the low beams on. High beams can be our natural inclination but it actually makes the situation worse by reflecting back into your eyes.

The rest of the weekend? Looking fan-tastic! Expect decreasing clouds throughout the day on Sunday which will aid in warming things up back up into the upper 70s.


A pleasant stretch of sunshine and warmer weather takes over through mid-week before an approaching cold front brings the chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms on Thursday, Friday and even Saturday. This will drop daytime highs back to running unseasonably cool in the lower 70s by Saturday — a temperature see-saw for sure. šŸ™‚

Check it out…


Well things are nice and quiet here but the tropics…not so much. Hurricane Mathew is the fifth hurricane of 2016 and a powerful one, currently at a category 4 with maximum sustained winds at 150 mph. Here’s the latest projected forecast cone…


In the next 48 hours, Mathew is expected to make landfall with a very dangerous threat to Jamaica. By Tuesday afternoon, landfall is expected in eastern Cuba before continuing on a northerly path . Potential U.S. landfall later in the week is still uncertain at this point. The speed of approaching weather patterns from the west will be key players — either driving Mathew out into the Atlantic (best case scenario) or allowing it to continue on a northerly path, potentially hitting the Carolina’s. Either case, you can bet Florida and the Atlantic seaboard will get rain and strong winds, especially by the latter portion of next week.

I’ll have the full timeline of this upcoming weekday warm up and Hurricane Mathew on channel 4 at 10 tonight. Be sure to catch Meteorologist Dan Thomas for updates early tomorrow morning at 5 AM!

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