Grab a Jacket!

Visibility was a real struggle this morning! I captured this screen shot between weather hits, which was surprisingly one of the better looking ones over Downtown Nashville. There was a point when the screen was completely gray, no sign of which city I was sharing. Widespread fog led to visibility down to a quarter mile in localized spots.


As the fog continues lifting this morning, thick cloud cover does not budge…


This keeps temperatures ranging anywhere from the upper 40s to upper 50s…cool enough for a warm jacket as you step out the door.


Clouds stick around again today, which will be the reason for another cooler than average day. Besides the last four days, every morning this past month has been in the 60s or 70s. A cool goodbye to September! With a few more peaks of sunshine, today will be a touch warmer than the 67 Nashville hit yesterday — breaking the low 70-degree mark…if the clouds really do break.


So far, Tennessee has dodged the rain but showers are slowly working there way in from the north with an upper level system — currently centered over Kentucky. Here’s a radar update…


Light rain works its way into Hopkinsville and Franklin and headed on a slow southeasterly path into northern Middle TN. No heavy downpours and no thunder. I expect most of the activity to remain north if I-40 through the early evening before diminishing by dinner tonight. Grab a light sweater and enjoy your Friday evening out and about!


Lingering moisture keeps a slight chance for a few showers on Saturday but not a plan canceler by any means (I kept it at a 20% and mainly north of I-40 again). After that, a long stretch of dry and gradually warmer weather makes itself comfortable in the week ahead. Middle 80s knock on the door by Wednesday. Here’s a peak ahead and what I’ll be diving into at noon on channel 4 today.


Paul Heggen will be filling in for Chief Meteorologist Lisa Spencer tonight at 4, 5, 6 and 10. Be sure to tune in for any updates!


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