Another Weather Change is Beginning…NOW

After a bright, sunny and warmer day, clouds and showers are arriving from the north.  Take a look at the perspective looking south, from downtown Nashville.  It shows lots of blue and just a few clouds.


Now look toward the north from the Adventure Science Center.  Doesn’t it look ominous!?!


These dark clouds are producing a band of rain along the TN/KY line, that’s spilling southward…


It’s likely Nashville gets clipped by these (meaning, Nashville will get a few…probably toward the end of dinnertime).  As they push farther south this evening, they may even expand southwestward.  Here’s FUTURECAST’s view of things…

Temperatures right now are above average for many of us, except where the cold front triggering these showers has passed (i.e. northwestern Middle Tennessee).  Look at Parsons and Savannah.  Wow!!


Come tomorrow, we’ll all be MUCH cooler, with lingering clouds and showers.

We’re also watching brand new Tropical Storm Matthew, now entering the eastern Caribbean Sea.  It became our 13th named storm of the season late this morning.


The forecast track from the National Hurricane Center shows it pushing due westward, and then being drawn northward toward and over Jamaica early next week.


Coming up on Channel 4 News beginning at 4pm, we’ll share an updated track for Matthew (which should arrive shortly).  We’ll also pinpoint just how cool it will be in your area tomorrow.  Here’s a hint, many of you will want to have your jacket nearby for the entire day (i.e. some spots may very well not climb out of the 50s)!

We hope you join us!


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