September 27: More Cool Air On The Way


It’s the air mass we’ve all been waiting for…or at least, most of us.  The hot weather has been pushed down to our south, and we’ll get to enjoy some fall-like air for the rest of the week, even into the weekend.  Temperatures today will warm up to the mid to upper 70s, with lots of sunshine and low humidity:

Clear skies tonight will allow temperatures to drop off to the lower half of the 50s, with a few spots dropping into the 40s again:
As temperatures cool off, we’ll see patchy dense fog developing near the rivers and lakes of the Midstate (as a result of the contrast between the cool air temperatures and the relatively warm water temperatures).

Temperatures will warm up to near-normal levels Wednesday afternoon:
But another wave of cooler air will move in Wednesday afternoon, sparking some mid- to late-afternoon and evening showers and thundershowers:
rpm-2p-wed rpm-4p-wed rpm-6p-wed rpm-8p-wed rpm-10p-wed

The upper-level storm system that will push the reinforcing shot of cool air into the Midstate will linger over the Ohio River valley through the end of the week:
That means more lingering showers in the forecast for Thursday and Friday, with high temperatures only topping out around 70°.  The rain chances will diminish in time for the weekend, with temperatures remaining comfortable!

Outside of the local weather perspective, we’re keeping a close eye on an area of disturbed weather in the Atlantic Ocean — currently categorized as “Invest 97L,” which means it’s an area requiring further investigation:
The National Hurricane Center’s evaluation is that this disturbance has a 90% chance of developing into at least a tropical depression over the next 48 hours:
After that, things get…interesting.  The various forecast models bring the disturbance into the Caribbean, at which point the U.S. coasts along Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean are both in play.  We’ll keep an eye on this one, and keep you updated.


Didn’t have time to get to the nerd-links today, since I’m covering traffic in addition to the usual weather duties…the nerdiness will return tomorrow!



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