It’s Here….At Last!

Finally, a nice blast of autumn air has arrived!  Check out current temperatures…


We’re running nearly 30 degrees cooler than this time yesterday!

Clouds are clearing from our northwesternmost counties.  That trend will continue, pushing eastward tonight.


You can see that easily on FUTURECAST, below.  Nashville’s sky should clear by 10pm.

The air is also beginning to dry out, in and around Murray, Hopkinsville, and Clarksville.  Take a look at current dew points:


By morning, I expect it to be much drier, with dew points mainly in the 40s.  Eastern Middle Tennessee (where some moisture will linger) could have some areas of dense fog in the morning, so be mindful of that if you’ll be driving there.

Here’s what I expect morning temperatures will look like…


The afternoon looks sunny and pleasant, with a light northerly wind.


Down the road, we’ll be talking about the chance for showers returning again.  We’ll also be watching what happens with what will likely become Matthew (our next named storm) in the central Atlantic.  Islands in the southern Caribbean Sea like Barbados, Trinidad, Tobago, Aruba, and Curacao all could be impacted directly.


Coming up tonight on Channel 4 News at 6pm, 6:30pm, and 10pm, we’ll share thoughts on those things….and will talk about how long this installment of fall air will linger.  We hope you join us!


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