September 23: Hot Weekend, Relief in Sight, Daily Links


Our early-autumn heat wave will continue for a few more days, but there is relief in sight by next week!  Until then, be prepared to perspire — high temperatures today, tomorrow and Sunday will reach the low 90s, with enough humidity to make it feel like the mid 90s:
I’m not forecasting any record highs at this point, but we’ll be awfully close:

If you’re going to the Titans game against the Raiders on Sunday, think ahead and be ready for the heat.  The kickoff temperature at noon will be near 90 already, and the mercury will hover in the low 90s throughout the game:
You might not feel overheated when you’re out tailgating before the game, with some shade and a refreshing beverage in-hand…but once you’re inside Nissan Stadium, the sun will be relentless.

A chance of showers and thunderstorms moves towards the Midstate on Monday, the timing of which is still up in the air.  The two major medium-range forecast models are closer than they were the past couple of days, but still showing some discrepancies.  The American GFS model brings scattered showers and storms into the Midstate already by midday Monday:
That would mean an end to the heat wave already Monday!  But the European forecast model holds the rain chance off until Monday evening, and doesn’t produce much precipitation at all:
I’m shading my forecast towards the European model’s timing (late Monday), with the American model’s intensity (a decent chance of at least SOME rain) — all of that means we’ll still heat up to around 90 on Monday before the best chance of rain develops.  Atmospheric moisture doesn’t look tremendously impressive, so the severe weather potential should remain low.  I don’t think this will be a prolonged rain event, and there’s still plenty of uncertainty regarding the entire situation, which is why the rain chance is still less than 50%.  Stay tuned for forecast adjustments over the weekend!

It looks like cooler temperatures will settle in Tuesday, and the comfortable air should stick around at least through Thursday.  The humidity will be substantially lower as well!

All in all, next week’s forecast:



Last batch of nerdery for the week…


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