Celebrating Fall with Flip Flops and Mister Fans

Today marks the first official day of fall but it surely does not feel that way. It feels a lot more like a typical summer day across Middle Tennessee. Check out current temperatures (2:01 pm):


Sizzling! Average for this time in September is 80 degrees (typically hit around 4 pm) and temperatures are already touching into the lower 90s. An increase in humidity since yesterday his does not help the situation. Dew points in the upper 60 to lower 70-degree range will make it feel as high as the middle 90s today. On the bright side, plenty of sunshine graces the entire region. Here’s a peak outside at Clarksville. Blue skies outweigh the clouds. Nice.


Humidity is expected to drop back into tolerable lower 60s by tomorrow…


This definitely aid in making it feel more tolerable.


Scorching heat and radiant sunshine is all thanks to strong area of high pressure centered just east of Tennessee.video-vipir

This will keep plenty of sunshine and unseasonably hot lower 90s moving and grooving through the weekend and early part of next week. An approaching frontal boundary over the central plains will shift closer to Tennessee bringing a few spotty storms on Monday but the better chances for scattered showers and thunderstorms will be on Tuesday and Wednesday. This is FANTASTIC news if your antsy for relief from the heat. It will finally start to feel like fall on Wednesday as highs are only expected to touch the upper 70-degree range. Here’s the temperature light ahead…hang tight!


Be sure to join Chief Meteorologist Lisa Spencer for the full break down on your extended forecast on channel 4 at 4, 5, 6 and 10 tonight.

Have a wonderful day!


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One Response to Celebrating Fall with Flip Flops and Mister Fans

  1. Fred says:

    Ok, this September has been unusually hot so far, and may end up as the hottest since 1998 if not much earlier, but my question is: what are these guys smoking??? Take a look at their extended forecast for us: http://www.myforecast.com/bin/expanded_forecast_15day.m?city=642816&metric=false Heat index of 124 on Oct. 4?! It would be easier to imagine temps dropping below freezing than that nonsense.

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