Memorable Heat Soon to Carry into Autumn!

This year’s heat won’t soon be forgotten!  As of today, the tally is 81 days in 2016 with the temperature peaking at or above 90 degrees.  That total easily surpasses the average for a calendar year of 48.


It’s possible we’ll add to the count today, too….as temperatures are nearing 90 right now:


Sunshine continues to be widespread, areawide…

This bright, sunny weather that’s been consistent day to day is being brought about by a persistent dome of high pressure in the upper atmosphere.  It has set up shop and not budged much for a good chunk of the summer!


This sunny and hot weather pattern will linger for several more days…into the beginning of autumn.  Fall starts tomorrow, officially at 9:21AM.

Then, down the road, we finally see a change!  During the early-mid portion of next week, another cold front will slide through with more rain.  Here’s the issue.  It’s still unclear exactly when it will arrive.  One reliable computer model shows a frontal passage on Monday…


Another shows it happening Tuesday night:


Coming up today on Channel 4  News at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, and 10pm, we’ll talk more about this weather change in detail.  We’ll also share our thoughts on which timing outcome is most likely.


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