2nd Warmest September!…& Another Hot Week

There’s no doubt about it — heat’s been the main theme this September!  In fact, it’s the 2nd warmest on record so far, with an average temperature of 78.6 degrees!  The warmest occurred in 1925 (with an average of 81.3).

Yesterday, even in the presence of plenty of clouds, the mercury soared to 87 degrees in Nashville.


Today, clouds won’t be much of an issue, so it’ll turn even hotter.  Many spots will be nudging 90 by late this afternoon.

Outdoors this morning, most of the fog that slowed some folks down during the commute has burned off.  Sunshine’s dominant.  Take a look:

Fog and/or low clouds continue to be an issue over some of our eastern areas like Burkesville, Celina, Gainesboro, Granville, Carthage, Smithville,…..as well as portions of Coffee, Bedford, and Franklin counties.


Temperatures continue to climb.  In Nashville, we’re already closing in on the average high for the day (81 degrees for September 19th)…and it’s only 9:24am!


Humidity is still relatively high for September, but as a light northerly wind develops later today, dew points will drop from where they are now (see below), back into the upper 50s and low-mid 60s….so it won’t feel quite as sticky.


Hoping for more rain today or this week?  You’ll have to keep hoping.  I don’t see much of an opportunity at all coming down the pike.  FUTURECAST for today shows just sunshine:

Notice that our next chance is insignificant, too — 20%, arriving Friday through the weekend.


Coming up today on Channel 4 News at Noon, we’ll talk more about the weekend.  We’ll also address whether we see any relief from the heat as the month draws to a close.


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