Today’s Weather & a Look Back at June 2

Another hot one today, 94 degrees in Nashville. The humidity was slightly lower, but not much.  Dew points were in the low 60s.  Tomorrow the dreadful duo of heat and humidity will be at work.  The high will be in the low 90s.  There will be a slight chance of thunderstorms.

Some relief is on the way, a front will approach Saturday and Sunday bringing rain and thunderstorms. The temperatures will drop as a result. It won’t be a weekend washout though.  Just a few isolated thundershowers linger Monday.


90 degree temperatures do return next week.

Just released today, investigators are now saying that the weather did play a role in the Blue Angels Crash in June. You can read more on their findings and the complete report click here.

My colleague Dan Thomas wrote the following in his blog June 2. Dan is a former weather officer in the Air Force and has experience forecasting for pilots. In this exert, Dan was describing the weather that afternoon when the crash occurred.

“Flight level winds (winds at the altitude the aircraft were likely flying through) were very light!   Assuming they were flying within the lowest 10,000 feet (roughly 2 miles) of the atmosphere, horizontal wind speeds were only about 10mph one mile off the ground and 20-30mph two miles off the ground.  Those speeds aren’t significant enough to generate noticeable turbulence.

The image below shows the general wind direction at the time of the crash (southwesterly, as depicted by the green wind particles)….

DT DMA TEMPS ZOOM1_EffectSquiggle

The radar was also relatively clear. HOWEVER…notice a shower developing west of Smyrna when the plane went down.


Below shows a radar image from 20 minutes after the accident.  What a difference!


The clouds that produced this developing downpour could be seen through satellite imagery (shared below)…

Jeremy, a Channel 4 viewer, captured this fantastic picture this afternoon of one of the developing showers in the greater Nashville area (see below).


This is very likely what the shower near Smyrna looked like when it was developing.  It’s even possible it’s the same shower.

There were other similar towering clouds in the area at that time, too….blossoming very quickly!  Notice how sharp the edges of the main cloud in the photo above look.  That indicates how strong the updrafts (rising currents of air) were outdoors this afternoon!  When you have strong updrafts, nearby, you’ll find strong compensating downdrafts (since the whole lower atmosphere can’t be rising all at once).  These updrafts and downdrafts were significant enough to generate turbulence for at least some aircraft in flight at that time.”

I’ll have an update on the forecast for the weekend on Channel 4 News at 10PM.

Lisa Spencer

posted 8:50PM


About Lisa Spencer

Lisa Spencer is the chief meteorologist at WSMV Channel 4 Nashville. You can catch her weathercasts weekdays at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 6:30pm and 10pm.
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