Relief from the Heat Comes with Weekend Storms

A beautiful bright blue sky on this Thursday afternoon. Just a few fair weather cumulus clouds hovering over Downtown Nashville.


Radiant sunshine is doing its thing to heat things up quickly! It’s only 2:19 PM and we are cooking into the lower 90s. Just to give you an idea — average is 83 degrees and we typically hit that around 4:00 PM.


Low 90s is the actually air temperature. With highs dew point values in the uper 60s to lower 70s, we are FEELING as high as 102 in Savannah…ouch!


So far, the day has been rain-free and I expect it to remain that way through Friday morning. If you’re planning to head out and about this evening, weather will remain dry but it will still feel hot and sticky…


By the afternoon tomorrow, just a few spotty storms are possible.  The best chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms will be with an approaching frontal boundary, late morning on Saturday into the first half of Sunday. This will be great for some anticipated relief from the heat! Highs will max out into the middle and upper 80s through Tuesday of next week. Low 90s return by mid-week.

Here’s the take away:


I’ll have the full weekend storm timeline coming up on channel 4 at 4pm. Chief Meteorologist Lisa Spencer will be with you at 5, 6 and 10 tonight.

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