The Heat is ON!

The heat is ON!  It was a scorching September afternoon.  You’d never guess autumn is just over a week away!


Temperatures are still way up there….but just in spots.


Where it’s in the 70s, we’ve had rain or it’s raining now (as of 6pm). Where you see low-mid 80s, rain has passed nearby.  Southern Kentucky continues to swelter in the upper 80s though, with very few clouds.

Here’s the latest look at 4WARN Live Doppler Radar:


Very heavy downpours continue over western Williamson County.  The showers and thunderstorms that remain are drifting ever so slowly toward the northwest.

As I noted above in this blog, fall is quickly approaching.  That means the sun sets relatively early (compared with the early summer months).  Tonight, it goes down at 6:56pm.  Since this rain has been triggered by the sun’s heating, all of these showers and thunderstorms will dissipate over the next couple of hours.  By 8pm, the entire Mid State should be dry.

FUTURECAST shows that…

Today’s rain was also brought about by a return of more mugginess.  Notice that dew points have risen into the 60s today…from the 50s of the last couple of days.


This increased humidity will do two things.  It’ll keep it warmer tonight than recent evenings.  It’ll also set the stage for more patches of fog.  So, be on the lookout for those if you’re out and about around dawn tomorrow.

Temperatures around sunrise should look like this:


Changing gears here, tomorrow’s September 14th.  That’s the date of the average first freeze in International Falls, Minnesota.  Notice Frost Advisories have been posted for that part of the country for early tomorrow.  They’re shown in sky blue.  Northeastern North Dakota is also in the mix.  Northern Idaho is actually under Freeze Warnings tonight!


SO….with that glimpse into wintry weather, you know that much cooler air isn’t far off from our neck of the woods.  Coming up on Channel 4 News at 6pm, 6:30pm, and 10pm, we’ll let you know what we see coming down the pike that doesn’t make you think we’re stuck in a time warp in July or August!



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